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Publishing Services


Since we are creating your content, it only makes sense that we handle your publishing platforms as well. Via its publishing arm AL Publishing, AL Arabic will take care of all back-end processes for you, while you focus on brand and publicity. Via our network of partners, we offer you a full range of website development and hosting, mobile app development, DTP, digital and offset printing, and distribution services.


Publishing platforms:

  1. Online publishing: Website development and management
  2. Mobile apps: Mobile app development and management with a special focus on Arabization
  3. Social media publishing and management
  4. Digital Books (ePubs): Digitization and publishing management
  5. Magazines
  6. Newspapers
  7. Print books
  8. Manuals
  9. Educational material/textbooks/instructor guides
  10. Internal documents
  11. Online content: Blogging, social media, and discussion forums.
  12. Brochures
  13. Any other type of print or online publications


Digital Publishing and Online Content Management

  1. Platform set up: CMS (Content Management System), Blogging platform, digital books, mobile apps
  2. Digital content creation and management
  3. Localizing Digital content: Mirroring original publications in Arabic and other languages


Print Publishing Services

  1. Publishing Strategy
  2. Writing/Content Creation
  3. Localization of content in different languages
  4. Editorial management
  5. Flat Plan
  6. DTP/Layout/Typesetting
  7. Illustrations/Art Work
  8. File Packaging/Production
  9. Licensing/Registration/Barcoding
  10. Printing & Distribution