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AL Arabic’s simplistic approach is not only a reaction to the over structured “agency” model, but also a well-founded philosophy that emphasizes the human factor in Arabic translation and content creation.


Social media is becoming the most powerful marketing tool today. Brand visibility can only be achieved if supported by active presence on social media. AL Arabic offers a comprehensive social media package that helps your brand achieve this visibility in the Arabic region.



Our team of qualified interpreters are always available to bridge the language gap between you and your audience. 



With the increasing focus on health regulations, and the restructuring of the health sector currently taking place in the GCC region, our Medical Writing service comes in to fill the gap in this much-needed domain. AL Arabic’s unique combination of medical background and content creation expertise in Arabic and English makes us the first choice for all medical and pharmaceutical companies in the region.


Have you chosen translation as your future career, and do not know where to start? Let AL Arabic help you.

Unfortunately, the concept of freelancing is still under-developed in the Arab World. Many still look at freelancing as a way to get some extra pocket money, or a job for housewives who cannot leave home to be in an office. Meanwhile, freelancing, in language services and many other domains, is the career choice of hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world.


Since we are creating your content, it only makes sense that we handle your publishing platforms as well. Via its publishing arm AL Publishing, AL Arabic will take care of all back-end processes for you, while you focus on brand and publicity. Via our network of partners, we offer you a full range of website development and hosting, mobile app development, DTP, digital and offset printing, and distribution services.



Via its training arm AL Training, AL Arabic offers culturally aware executive training. Our portfolio includes media training, public speaking training, cultural training, Emcee training, and quick Arabic workshops.