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Why AL Arabic



Since its inception in 2013, AL Arabic has established itself as a game changer in the Arabic translation and digital content sector. We have distinguished ourselves from the obsolete “agency model” in Arabic content, and paved the way for a new era in this sector.

Our approach to Arabic translation and Arabic digital content aims to guarantee the following:

  1. Superior quality at all times.
  2. Consistency across all projects and content types.
  3. 24/7 access to our services.
  4. Best affordable rates in the market.

To achieve this, we have put together a successful and proven business model based on the following pillars:


Proven business model

We have built our business models to suit clients across the various segments in the market, from large multinational agencies to government entities, to small boutique agencies and content consumers. Our model is based on strong affiliations with our clients, built on flat per word rates (with no rush charges or minimum charge), or retainer agreements, whichever is preferred by the client.

Seamless project management

With our specially designed project management portal, and highly customized workflow, all you need to do is email us your request, and wait for it on deadline. The project will go through analysis, assignment, translation, editing, quality assurance, and delivery, without you worrying about any of these steps.

24/7 peak hours

Our team of dedicated account managers respond to your requests within 15 minutes during working hours, and 30 minutes after hours and in weekends/holidays. We are always available to serve you at our best, every single day of the year, up to and including New Year’s Eve itself.

Full board services

We do not only offer translation, we offer full board content services, from translation and content creation, to layout and design, to publishing services, along with consultation and content/media training, web an app development, and content management.

Sized just right

AL Arabic is neither a boutique company with limited resources, nor a large multinational corporation where your content gets lost in the stream. We are sized just right to cater to all your needs, with the personal one-on-one attention your brand requires.

Extensive knowledge of the local context

Originating in the heart of the GCC region, AL Arabic joins decades of combined experience in the local market. With our extensive knowledge in local culture, protocol, business etiquette, and mind set, we make sure your content is exactly how it should be.

Client teams

Each client gets a dedicated team consisting of accounts and project managers, translation talents, and quality assurance linguists. This way we assure consistency in terminology and style, and distribute experience so that there is always someone to work on your content.

Use of technology

We strongly believe that Arabic translation and content services are human tasks, and cannot be done via automated content services. However, we are also strong believers in the role of technology in this industry, so we use technology whenever needed and only when needed. AL Arabic has developed its own proprietary project management portal, and we use cutting edge CAT technology, along with market leading communications and management tools.

Behind the scenes

We offer all our services from the back seat, leaving clients to handle front end tasks. We work as a part of your team, and even when we attend brain storming sessions and induction meetings with your clients, we do as your own team, nit as us. We do the work, and leave the glory to you!

We are a family!

We were asked several times by clients, how can you handle all this, and always with a smile? Did we mention we are sized just right? Here is the answer: We are a family, a big big family with passion for Arabic language!